News Releases 2022

Apr. 27, 2022

License Agreement Signed with KBR for Ammonia Manufacturing Process

Yokohama, Japan- JGC Holdings Corporation announces that a license agreement for an ammonia manufacturing process has been signed with KBR Inc. on April 25, 2022. The signing of the agreement will allow the JGC Group to use KBR's license in future engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects for ammonia manufacturing plants, starting from the conceptual stage.

KBR's ammonia manufacturing process constitutes about 50% of the global share on a production volume basis and has a track record of being adopted at some of the world's largest operating ammonia manufacturing plants (output of 3,000 tons per day), making it a highly reliable process for further scale-up.

The JGC Group and KBR previously entered into a gas alliance agreement and have a long history of cooperative ties in the LNG plant field. With this license agreement, the JGC Group plans to make strides toward acquiring technical expertise in ammonia manufacturing along with engineering techniques and insights for ammonia manufacturing plants through exchanges with KBR.

Demand for fuel ammonia is expected to grow, especially in Japan, through 2050. Under the agreement, the JGC Group will strengthen its ties with KBR and further advance ammonia manufacturing technologies in this field, demonstrating competitiveness in the plant EPC business in the fuel ammonia field and becoming a leader in the industry.