News Releases 2022

Apr. 14, 2022

JGC and DOCOMO to Develop Digital Platform for Remotely Managing Construction of Large Plants Overseas

— 4D digitization platform will be deployed in Southeast Asia and Middle East —

TOKYO, JAPAN-- JGC Holdings Corporation announced today that JGC Corporation and NTT DOCOMO, INC., have agreed to form a business alliance aimed at developing a digital platform that would enable large plants being constructed overseas to be remotely managed from Japan on April 14, 2022. The platform will enable fast, accurate visualization and remote management of construction using drones, video, AI and other digital technologies. The platform initially will be tested and introduced at construction sites in Southeast Asia and the Middle East by the end of 2022.

The platform will combine JGC's expertise in on-site operations and project-management knowledge for plant construction and DOCOMO technologies involving drones, AI, security and network construction. It will also be powered by Reconstruct's Visual Command CenterTM , a patented visual construction management solution from US-based Reconstruct®.

Key functions of the Visual Command CenterTM include.

-Create a 3D point cloud model from a construction site taken with a drone or 360 cameras

-Measure accurately in 2D and 3D

-Integrate and superimpose images and 3D point cloud models with BIM / CIM and drawing data

-Create a 4D model by integrating the schedule data , and visualize progress management including construction delays and punctuality.

JGC and DOCOMO began to jointly study the feasibility of remotely managing plant construction and the creation of related businesses in August 2019. Efforts so far have included demonstrating a system combining drones and IoT that can be used to digitally inspect plant equipment or manage construction progress. Through their new business alliance, JGC and DOCOMO now plan to deploy a working platform connecting construction sites overseas and management offices in Japan. Going forward, they expect to refine the platform's functionality as well as develop businesses that will contribute to the ongoing digital transformation of plant-construction operations.