News Releases 2022

Feb. 02, 2022

Investment Through the CVC Fund in Nuclear Fusion Advanced Technology Company Kyoto Fusioneering

JGC Holdings Corporation (Chairman and CEO: Masayuki Sato) announced that they have invested in Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd. (President: Taka Nagao), a company with advanced technology in the field of nuclear fusion, through the JGC MIRAI Innovation Fund, a corporate venture capital (CVC) fund jointly managed by JGC Holdings and the domestic engineering company - JGC Japan Corporation (Representative Director, President: Shoji Yamada).Kyoto Fusioneering is engaged in the research and development of devices related to fusion reactors with the aim of realizing a carbon-neutral society, based on the wealth of experience and technology possessed by Kyoto University. In particular, the company boasts advanced and sophisticated technology in plant engineering for heating and heat extraction equipment, and is attracting attention as a leading pioneer in the nuclear fusion field.

Making use of the CVC Fund, the JGC Group plans to invest in domestic and foreign start-ups with innovative technologies and business models that will contribute to building a safe, secure, and sustainable social system. The themes to be targeted for investment are "realizing a carbon neutral economy," "building sustainable and resilient infrastructure," "enhancing lifestyle quality while looking ahead to the 100-year-life society," and "making industries smart."

Since nuclear fusion does not emit carbon dioxide in the process of power generation, it is expected to be a next-generation energy source that can both meet energy demand and help realize a decarbonized society. Through this investment, we have determined that by combining Kyoto Fusioneering's technology with the JGC Group's engineering technology cultivated in nuclear fusion, low-level radioactive waste treatment, and other nuclear-related fields, we will be able to contribute to the realization of fusion research facilities that are under consideration, as well as to gain a variety of knowledge and know-how for the commercialization of fusion reactor plants.

From now on, the JGC Group will invest in start-ups with innovative technologies and business models that are expected to contribute to building a safe, secure, and sustainable social system.

<Company profile of Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd.>

Company name

Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd.


October, 2019

Head office

Tokyo, Japan

Representative's name

Taka Nagao

Business content

Research and development, design and manufacture of parts related to fusion reactors, export of equipment and components, etc


<Outline of the JGC MIRAI Innovation Fund>

Fund name

JGC MIRAI Innovation Fund L.P.

Establishment April, 2021
Unlimited liability partner Global Brain Corporation
Total sum under management 5 billion yen
Management term 10 years
Limited liability partners

JGC Japan Corporation

JGC Holdings Corporation
Investment targets

Domestic and foreign start-ups that possess innovative technologies and business models with regard to realizing a carbon neutral economy, building sustainable and resilient infrastructure, enhancing lifestyle quality while looking ahead to the 100-year-life society, and making industries smart, all of which are components of the safe, secure and sustainable social system envisaged by JGC Japan

Start-ups that are anticipated to collaborate with JGC Japan