News Releases 2022

Jan. 05, 2022

New Year Message for 2022

Today (January 5th), JGC Holdings Corporation Chairman and CEO Masayuki Sato delivered the following address to the management and employees of the group.

Achieving Further Growth While Fulfilling Our Mission

Over the past two years, the business environment surrounding the JGC Group remained challenging due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19 infections. However, against the backdrop of the ongoing global economic recovery, there have been positive signs of a recovery. Changes began to been seen in the trends of clients, such as the resumption of negotiations and the start of orders for feasibility studies and Front End Engineering and Design works.

2022 will be a year in which we will overcome the harsh business environment of the past two years and vigorously embark on a path of growth again. We will achieve further growth by providing "realistic solutions" to build a sustainable society where all countries in the world with different stages of economic development realize affluence.