News Releases 2021

Sep. 21, 2021

JGC selected for the "Survey for constructing a global MRV/CI methodology for GHG emission", a public offering of JOGMEC

JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION (Representative Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Masayuki Sato) announces that JGC CORPORATION (Representative Director and President Yutaka Yamazaki; "JGC") has been selected for the "Survey for constructing a global MRV*1/CI*2 methodology for GHG emission" ("the survey"), a public offering of Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation ("JOGMEC").

The move toward low carbonization and de-carbonization of energy resources is accelerating worldwide. Calculations that ensure the accuracy and transparency of the greenhouse gas (GHG) volumes emitted in the process of producing, delivering and using energy resources are essential. Although a number of countries and others are moving ahead with formulating MRV methods for calculating the GHG emissions of fossil fuels in particular*3, no unified methodology has been established. Furthermore, there is a need for investigation and verification taking into account measurement methods and project economy adapted to the actual plant operation, among factors.

The survey to be conducted by JGC will analyze existing international MRV methods for calculating GHG emissions, and then investigate the challenges that exist to ensuring the transparency and accuracy of MRV methods when calculating GHG emissions. Additionally, in order to ensure that LNG, hydrogen, fuel ammonia and other resources projects are carbon neutral projects, JGC will leverage its abundance of knowledge in plant design to investigate, formulate and verify MRV methods as well as CI calculation methods for GHG emissions that are in harmony with international standards, with the aim of completing the work within this fiscal year.

JGC will utilize the MRV methods and CI calculation methods formulated through the survey when engaging in everything from consulting to upgrading and modifying plants and other facilities, toward realizing low carbonization and de-carbonization at existing and new plants or related facilities for LNG and other resources.

  • *1: Measurement Reporting Verification. The measurement, reporting and verification of greenhouse gases.
  • *2: Carbon Intensity. Carbon dioxide output level. CI is calculated by dividing CO2 emissions that have been calculated using MRV methods, by energy consumption.
  • *3: As a representative example, in the EU work is currently under way on formulating a GHG emissions calculation framework with the goal of reducing emissions, centering on the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP).