News Releases 2021

Jul. 26, 2021

Joint Development of DX Project Management Service with ExaWizards Inc.

-Enabling clients to complete their DX projects by generalizing our expertise in large-scale project management with AI.-

Yokohama, JapanJGC Holdings Corporation (Representative Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Sato) announces that it has signed a basic agreement with ExaWizards, Inc. (President: Ko Ishiyama), a company that works to solve social issues through the use of AI, to develop a project completion service business using data and AI for business digitalization/DX targeting domestic companies from July 1, 2021.

Currently, one of the most important management issues for companies is to cope with the difficulty in recruiting workers due to the decrease in the working population. The digitalization of business operations and the promotion of DX (Digital Transformation) as effective means to improve labor productivity are urgently needed.

In cooperation with ExaWizards, Inc., the JGC Group will utilize its knowledge of energy plants accumulated through plant construction projects, management know-how for large-scale projects, and know-how in the accumulation of project execution data. In addition, the JGC Group plans to contribute to the improvement of the labor productivity of its clients by proposing and executing projects for the digitization of operations and promotion of DX through synergy with the DX project experts and AI implementation know-how of ExaWizards.

Specifically, consultants from both the JGC Group and ExaWizards, Inc. will work with the client to execute and complete the DX project, and furthermore, to cultivate the business processes evolved through digitalization and DX to become part of the client's corporate culture.

Through the implementation of the digitalization/DX project, the JGC Group and Exa Wizards plan to accumulate knowledge on "digitalization of customer contact management, material order management, production management, shipping and inventory management, human resource management, and financial management" and "DX that leads to the creation of new businesses as well as the enhancement of corporate value through the use of data, such as productivity improvement, optimization of use, energy conservation, decarbonization, and ESG management," and to enhance the content of their services. In addition, based on the accumulated digitization/DX project execution data, we will use AI to automate project management functions in the future. We plan to provide high value-added services at low cost, and also to expand into a variety of project completion service businesses beyond the framework of digitization/DX services. 

The JGC Group is promoting the diversification of its business model based on its long-term management vision, "2040 Vision", and its medium-term management plan, "BSP2025", through FY2025. We will continue to work on a variety of business models, including digitalization and DX promotion businesses.

About ExaWizards, Inc.

With the mission of "Realizing a happy society by solving social issues using AI," we are developing and commercializing AI products in various fields such as nursing care, medical care, HR, robotics, finance, and cameras, in order to solve industry and society-wide issues identified from individual company issues, while working on solving issues in each department and company-wide use of AI. Our members include AI engineers, software and hardware engineers, strategy consultants, UI/UX designers, domain experts in nursing care and other fields, researchers, policy experts, and other cross-disciplinary personnel. In Japan's super-aging society, we are developing our business with a thorough understanding of the needs and issues in each field.

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