News Releases 2021

Apr. 01, 2021

Launch of Smart Factory Support Service

-Next Factory Solution Department Established on April 1-

Yokohama, JapanJGC Holdings Corporation (Representative Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Sato) announces that JGC Japan Corporation (President: Shoji Yamada ) has established its "Next Factory Solution Department" as of April 1, 2021.

In response to the "Industry 4.0" initiative proposed by the German government in 2011, the Japanese government has proposed "Connected Industries," and the momentum for a new manufacturing revolution is growing. Together with technological innovations such as the advancement of digitalization, the sophistication of production technology, and the use of robots, the movement toward smart factories is accelerating with the aim of achieving greater efficiency in the manufacturing industries. The Smart Factory is a concept that aims to optimize manufacturing operations and improve the efficiency and productivity of the entire factory, including the use of digitalization and automation using robots, etc. to collect and analyze various data in the factory using IOT. Currently, efforts are being focussed on partial optimization for each manufacturing process, but we expect that the need for optimization of the entire factory, including intra-factory logistics, will increase in the future.

In the many process plants, including petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas plants, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, that our group has been involved in, project management with a strong awareness of overall optimization has been required. In addition to the overall conceptual planning skills cultivated through the execution of these projects, the ability to design layouts including clean rooms, environmental countermeasure technologies, robot utilization technologies, etc., can be applied to and developed through the smart factory initiatives in the manufacturing industry, especially those aimed at optimizing the entire factory.

The Next Factory Solution Department will provide support for total optimization from the conceptual design stage, including upstream process and layout construction, for food and cosmetics factories, distribution facilities and machining factories.