News Releases 2021

Apr. 01, 2021

Message from the President & COO of JGC HOLDINGS, Tadashi Ishizuka to new employees

On Becoming a Leader in Transformation

Congratulations on starting work in the JGC Group.

The JGC Group has a history of contributing to society through solving various social issues for over 90 years, mainly in the fields of energy and infrastructure in Japan and the world.

In addition, our long-term vision, which is scheduled to be announced in May, will seek to align social issues centered on SDGs with our business and take on the challenge of transforming into a group that can solve a broader range of social issues.

I hope that you will gain a firm understanding of the "essence of technology" and acquire the habit of thinking about various social issues of the world as problems that affect you.

By doing so, I hope that each and every one of you will become a leader in transformation and contribute to the realization of the corporate group that we aspire to.