News Releases 2020

May 25, 2020

Handover of Biomass Power Plant -Contributing to the Realization of an Environmentally Friendly Society-

JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION announced today the handing over of a biomass power generation facility, constructed by its domestic EPC operating company, JGC JAPAN CORPORATION, to its client, ENEOS Biomass Power Muroran G.K.

ENEOS Biomass Power Muroran G.K. was jointly formed by JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (90%) and JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION (10%) to engage in the biomass power generation business utilizing renewable energy feed-in tariffs.

From October 2016, JGC CORPORATION undertook the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) work for the plant together with the uploading equipment for the fuel to be used as well as its transport and storage facilities and the supply of other necessary equipment along with the power generation unit, and the plant entered service on 24 May, the same day as the handover.

The facility features environmentally friendly biomass power generation technology and its output of 74,900 kW makes it one of the largest such plants in Japan. The JGC Group participated in the project seeking to form a synergy between its business investment and engineering pursuits and its successful completion and entry into commercial operations holds great significance in this regard.

As one aspect of the JGC Group's earnest intent to actualize one of its important issues (Materiality) of the realization of an "environmentally friendly society"we are engaged in promoting LNG plants with their smaller impact on the environment, the construction of renewable energy plants including photovoltaic facilities and those powered by biomass, alternative materials to microplastics, the manufacture of heat dissipation conducting silicon nitride substrates for HV/EV, hydrogen energy (CO2-free Ammonia), the chemical recycling of waste plastic and other related endeavors.

In the future, through this active involvement in the environmental field, we are anxious to contribute to the realization of an "environmentally friendly society".

Outline of ENEOS Biomass Power Muroran G.K.

Location 1-3-1, Kouhoku-cho, Muroran, Hokkaido
Capital ¥100 million
Established 11 October 2016

JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation 90%


Business Power generation through the use of palm kernel shells

Overview of the Biomass Power Generation Facility

Total Site Area Approximately 40,000㎡
Generating Capacity 74,900kW
Fuel Wooden biomass (Palm shells)
Generating Equipment Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler, Reheat Type Condensing Turbine

Plant Overview