News Releases 2020

Jan. 06, 2020

New Year Message for 2020

At the ceremony held on January 6th to mark the beginning of the new year, JGC Holdings Corporation Chairman and CEO Masayuki Sato delivered the following address to the management and employees of the group.

Expanding Business Fields under a Holdings Company Structure

Considering the future of energy demand, fossil energy, such as natural gas and LNG, will continue to play a large role due to the rising global population and increasing energy demand. However, the trend toward low-carbon energy is steadily advancing.

In order for the JGC Group to achieve sustainable growth in light of these changes in the environment, it is necessary to establish second and third pillars of business in addition to our main business of oil and gas under the holding company structure established in 2019.

Countries around the world are at different stages of economic development. Therefore, with the corporate slogan "Mission Driven" in mind, we will respond to various demands to realize a sustainable society from three perspectives: environmental, social, and economic. By doing so, we will greatly expand our business fields as a group, not limited to the current business segments of total engineering and functional materials manufacturing.