News Releases 2019

Oct. 01, 2019

Accelerating the Formation of Sustainability-Oriented Business Focused on New Environmental Technologies

Sustainability Co-Creation Department Established as of October 1

Yokohama, Japan - JGC Holdings Corporation has announced the establishment of a new corporate department dedicated to achieving sustainable societies by solving environmental issues, which are a global challenge. Established on October 1, the Sustainability Co-Creation Department is positioned within JGC Holdings Corporation under the direct control of the president. The department will be accelerating the formation of business that builds on new core environmental technologies developed independently and with partners.

<Background and Purpose>

The persistent social and corporate trend in addressing global environmental issues is now firmly established, as seen in ongoing measures to reduce CO2 emissions, promote wider use of renewable energy, build hydrogen energy infrastructure, manage plastic waste, and so on. The scale of efforts to establish sustainable societies continues to expand.

We have identified working toward societies in harmony with nature as a key issue (materiality) to be addressed by the JGC Group. To date, the Group has taken the initiative to promote use of low-impact fossil energy and popularize renewable energy through engineering and construction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants and solar and biomass power plants. The Group's track record in this regard includes many successes around the world.

While designing and building these plants that respond to environmental issues, independently and with partners we have also actively developed new environmental technologies that are aimed at lower CO2 emissions, practical adoption of hydrogen energy, or effective use of plastic waste.

These efforts contribute toward sustainable societies, and in consideration of future viability of environmental business, the JGC Group also views the environmental segment as a key business segment for ongoing focus. The Group will continue to design and build facilities responsive to environmental needs, such as plants that use renewable energy or solutions for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Additionally, guided by the newly established Sustainability Co-Creation Department, we will be accelerating the formation of business applying new, independently or jointly developed environmental technologies. In this way, we will contribute toward sustainable societies as we strengthen and expand JGC Group environmental business.

<Course of Action>

Guided by the Sustainability Co-Creation Department, the JGC Group will be accelerating the formation of environmental business, centered on existing, independently developed environmental technologies and anticipating potential collaboration with enterprises that maintain their own advanced environmental technologies and open innovation with universities, as we build value chains with government agencies, municipalities, and corporations (such as trading companies, financial institutions, and companies in the energy, petrochemical, and chemical industries).

In forming this business applying new environmental technologies, the Group will not only design and construct plants but also fulfill roles in investing in required environmental business and coordinating value chains as a whole.

At present, we plan to establish specific environmental business targeting the following environmental technologies under development.

  • CCS and CO2 EOR using DDR-type zeolite membranes
  • Gasification chemical recycling of plastic waste
  • Establishment of a non-CO2 emitting energy chain utilizing ammonia
  • Development and commercialization of new technologies relevant to CO2 mineralization

Having adopted a new group management structure in the form of a holding company on October 1, the JGC Group conducts business in multiple segments including total engineering business (consisting of overseas oil and gas, overseas infrastructure, and domestic EPC operations), functional materials manufacturing business, and energy and environmental consulting as a corporate group that helps solve the increasingly complex and sophisticated challenges faced by society and our clients.

In this context, taking on environmental issues is a key task for the JGC Group, and we are also actively pursuing business in the environmental segment for further group growth and expansion.