News Releases 2018

Jan. 05, 2018

New Year Message for 2018

At the ceremony held on January 5 th to mark the beginning of the new year, JGC Chairman and CEO Masayuki Sato delivered the following address to the management and employees of the company.

Sharpening Our Expertise and Project Management Capabilities

2017 marked a start to our return to growth as we reflected on the core competencies that underlie our functioning as an engineering contractor. We shall continue to reinforce EPC operations as a company aligned to our shared vision.

2018 promises to be an eventful year for projects in oil and gas and other fields, in Japan and around the world. Together, we will hone the core expertise that is essential to an EPC contractor and the project management capabilities that unite and carry us forward as an organization as we respond to the needs of our clients and society.