Range of Activities Rapidly Expands Amid Global Advances in Resource Development

Range of Activities Rapidly Expands Amid Global Advances in Resource Development

After passing through a turndown of plant engineering in the late 1990s, the 2000s brought expanding energy demand in the developing countries which formed the backdrop to sharp rises in crude oil prices and an unprecedented boom in plant construction in the Gulf countries of the Middle East.
By staying among the first to respond to this circumstance, JGC also experienced a rapid expansion in business performance and contracts won. The growth in natural gas demand that continued from the late 1990s brought the company a succession of contracts to build LNG plants and natural gas processing plants.
JGC established its position as the top contractor in the LNG field.

Crude oil processing plant in Algeria
Aromatics plant in Indonesia
LPG FPSO in Indonesia
LNG plant in Indonesia
Gas processing plant in Saudi Arabia
Refining and petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia
IGCC in Kanagawa, Japan
Bio bulk manufacturing plant in Gunma, Japan


Founded JGC Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Contracted to build the LPG FPSO project for Indonesia, JGC's first project in the offshore field

LPG FPSO in Indonesia

Accredited for Environmental Standard ISO14001

Participated in the power generation and desalination business in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia

IWPP(Independent Water and Power Project) in Abu Dhabi
IWSPP(Independent Water, Steam and Power Project) in Saudi Arabia

Attained over ¥500 billion (¥550.3 billion) in net sales for the first time, and attained over ¥800 billion (¥807.6 billion ) from a contract for the first time

Accredited for Information Security Management Standard ISO 27001

Founded JGC Algeria S.p.A.

Founded JGC Gulf International Co., Ltd. in Saudi Arabia