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News Release2015

Mar. 19, 2015

JGC Launches Operations Business for
Mega-Solar Power Plant in Kamogawa, Chiba

- Kamogawa Mayor Attends an On-Site prayer for safe operation -

JGC Corporation has completed a mega-solar power plant in Kamogawa, Chiba, which began commercial power generation on January 6th of this year. Today (March 19th), a ceremony was held at the site to celebrate the completion and pray for safe operation of the plant. The ceremony was attended by Kamogawa Mayor Takao Hasegawa, Deputy Mayor Masao Shoji, City Council President Toshinori Tatsuno, and JGC President Koichi Kawana, among other guests.

JGC has conducted this project independently from the business development stage through to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and the plant operation, and this plant is the second solar photovoltaic power plant to be operated by the company. Following the start of operations, the plant will produce electricity for commercial use over a 20-year period, with JGC subsidiary Kamogawa Mirai Solar to purchase the electricity under a fixed-price system. The mega-solar business boasts a significant contribution to the Japanese domestic energy market.

In Japan, as sites suitable for constructing mega-solar photovoltaic power plants decrease in number, JGC aimed to apply the project management abilities cultivated through numerous domestic and overseas projects to the realization of an efficient and highly economical business plan. From the perspective of both an operator and an EPC contractor, JGC assessed the complex topography of the construction site to enable maximized power output, and conducted engineering and construction work accordingly.

Previously, JGC initiated a 25.6 MW mega-solar business in Oita Prefecture, which came into operation on May 1st, 2013, and is currently operating. As an EPC contractor, JGC has cultivated knowledge and experience in solar photovoltaic power generation through numerous construction project orders, including construction of a mega-solar power plant in Futtsu, Chiba, which was developed by Mitsuuroko Green Energy Co., Ltd. and Renova, Inc. JGC completed hand-over of the plant in July of last year.

As worldwide demand for electricity increases, JGC will continue to apply the expertise it has cultivated through the EPC business toward the active development of renewable energy not only in Japan, but also overseas, especially in the intense sunlight of the Middle East.

Plant Outline (Reference)

Facility NameKamogawa Mirai Solar Power Plant
Address3231-21, Uchiura, Uchiurayama, Kamogawa City, 
Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Site Area360,000 square meters (leased from Taiyo Kogyo Corporation)
OperatorKamogawa Mirai Solar (wholly-owned subsidiary of JGC)
Representative: President, Mitsugu Fujinami
Office: Minato Mirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Founded: 2013 August 8th
Start of Commercial
2015 January 6th
Generation Capacity31,211kW (equivalent to the power consumed by 9,000 households)
Construction ContractorJGC Corporation
ScheduleSeptember 2013: start of site-clearing work
March 2014: start of construction
November 2014: connection to grid and start of commissioning
Solar Panel TypeTotal of 125,000 solar panels manufactured by TOSHIBA Corp. and KYOCERA Corp.

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