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Pharmaceuticals and R&D Facilities

Engineering for the future / JGC Pharmaceutical Engineering

In the field of cutting-edge pharmaceutical research, research targets are rapidly increasing in complexity as products and services diversify. JGC Corporation has been engineering medical, pharmaceutical, and life science facilities for over half a century, offering engineering and construction services for a wide array of pharmaceutical plants, including bulk plants and preparation plants, as well as state-of-the-art facilities for regenerative medicine. We realize the needs of our clients by performing engineering and qualification for pharmaceutical factories and facilities with enhanced quality and production capacity. We apply dependable technology and project management expertise to meet all our clients demands, needs and expectations, while contributing to the creation of new value, taking up the challenge of boldly pushing one step ahead of the curve in pharmaceutical engineering excellence. By pursuing the creation of new value, we propel the further evolution of engineering, fulfilling our motto, “Pharmaceutical Engineering With Eyes on the Future.”

Technology Clusters Applicable in Various Types of Pharmaceutical Plants and R&D Facilities

各医薬品工場・研究所に適用可能な技術群一覧 Technology Clusters Applicable in
Various Types of Pharmaceutical
Plants and R&D Facilities

In order to keep up with rapid progress in medical and research technology, JGC works daily on flexible, speedy innovation and technical development. We develop new technology for bulk pharmaceutical manufacture, preparation, biotech, regenerative medicine, and research, including qualification, aseptic, chemical hazards, cultures, conveyors, and more. Under our motto, “Pharmaceutical Engineering with Eyes on the Future,” we also endeavor to continuously improve on existing technology, while pioneering into new fields.

Project Proposals for a Wide Array of Fields “JMatrix SolutionSM"

When constructing pharmaceutical plants and research facilities on which people’s lives and health depend, strict adherence to PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme) as well as the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines from Japan, the European Union, and the United States, is vital. The purposes and features of these guidelines must be carefully taken into consideration in the early stages of conceptual planning, having, flexibility in meeting a diverse array of highly specific needs.

JGC has applied engineering experience in a variety of fields, ranging from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and chemical plants. Our project proposal system called “JMatrix SolutionSM” is based on our accumulated knowledge and real-life experience in solutions and project management, allowing us to offer our clients detailed service packages that contribute to meeting their latest developments and challenges.

With JMatrix SolutionSM, we can address every single item and priority under consideration, suggesting, verifying, and refining solutions, polishing concepts in minute detail. At JGC, we pride ourselves on our expertise and trustworthiness in realizing the client’s wishes, while applying our ingenuity toward creating new value, ensuring smooth execution of complex projects. In this way, our project proposal system JMatrix SolutionSM is continually evolving.

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