Quality Management System

Basic Stance

In our business, quality assurance is an essential part of achieving safe plant operation and stable production. Led by the Quality Assurance Committee, JGC's quality management system is designed to achieve continuous improvements in quality. Each department and section sets its own quality targets and works to address quality issues, aiming to nip any issues in the bud and identify underlying causes as part of a proactive stance on resolving quality issues.

Using QMS to Improve Quality Performance

JGC obtained ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system (QMS) in 1993. At the time, QMS certification was essential, especially for overseas projects, and we worked to acquire and retain QMS certification from a third-party certifying body.
Since 2009, we have implemented fundamental QMS reforms and actively improved our organization on a continuous basis, led by the Quality Assurance Committee, with the aim of improving organizational performance as appropriate to the type of work performed.
Every year, JGC's president releases an operating policy. This policy is treated as a quality policy by each department and section, which set quality targets in line with the policy. Each fiscal year, they identify any organizational issues and formulate operating policies and action plans ("Plan"), implement them ("Do"), evaluate them ("Check") and improve them on the basis of the evaluation process ("Act"). This PDCA cycle is designed to drive continuous improvement in organizational performance.
ISO 9001 was significantly revised in 2015. Using that as an opportunity to further improve JGC's organizational performance, we revised our QMS in line with the updated 2015 version of ISO 9001 and started operation of the new QMS in February 2017.

Quality Assurance Committee

Role of quality assurance committee

The Quality Assurance Committee meets monthly and reports directly to the president. The committee is chaired by the senior general manager of the Design Engineering Division and comprises executive-level general managers.
The Quality Assurance Committee implements a range of remedial measures to ensure the quality of products and services provided to clients consistently meets their specifications. It also evaluates the impact of those measures to drive ongoing improvements.
Once a year, the president conducts a management review of the Quality Assurance Committee's activities, with the president leading efforts to continuously improve the quality assurance organization.