Methane Rich Gas (MRG®) Process

The MRG® (Methane Rich Gas) process is low-temperature steam reforming technology that can convert hydrocarbons (such as LPG or naphtha), methanol or DME into methane. This process is applied to town gas production, or the pre-reforming step of synthesis gas production for GTL etc. Using a JGC-developed catalyst, this process has realized greater flexibility in operating conditions as well as greater space savings compared with conventional processes.

Simplified Flow for Hydrocarbon Feedstock

Simplified Flow for Hydrocarbon Feedstock


  • A JGC-developed, high-performance catalyst permits operations over a wide range of operating conditions, particularly at low temperatures and low steam ratios.
  • The MRG reactor outlet gas contains no hydrocarbons other than methane - an advantage that reduces the load on the following process steps.
  • The compact MRG reactor requires a smaller installation space.


Available with various kinds of feeds, covering hydrocarbons (from light gas fractions to heavy naphtha), methanol and DME

  • Town gas production
  • Hydrogen production
  • Production of various synthesis gases (CO gas, oxo synthesis gas, methanol synthesis gas, ammonia synthesis gas)


  • Town gas production: 19 units (total capacity 3,167 x 103 Nm3/D)
  • Pre-reformer for synthesis gas production: 8 units (total capacity 558 x 103 Nm3/D)