Gas Mixer

Mixing flammable gases tends to cause combustion or explosion when the mixed gas composition comes within the specific combustible range. Two different kinds of gases are mixed in very narrow tubular passages in this gas mixer, whereby the potential danger of combustion or explosion can be avoided and the gases can be mixed homogeneously within a short length (usually less than 1 m). This gas mixer has a multi-tubular structure like a shell and tube type heat exchanger and ensures that gas (A) supplied from the shell is mixed with gas (B) flowing in the tubes. The gases (A) and (B) are rapidly and homogeneously mixed while they are passing through the very narrow tubular passages.


Deviation from mean concentration


  • Ensures that the possibility of combustion or explosion due to gas mixing is avoided
  • Ensures homogeneous gas mixing and enhances reactor performance
    (The adove illustration shows an example of good homogeneous mixing. The evaluation is made based on the radial gas composition profiles.)


  • Reaction systems which require highly homogeneous gas mixing. In particular, mixing of reactant gases for oxidation reactors

Delivery record

  • More than 30 units in Japan and abroad