Advanced Auto Thermal Gasification (AATG® Process)

By converting natural gas into highly reactive synthesis gas mainly composed of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2) by means of reforming technology, this synthesis gas can be used as a feed source to produce not only various kinds of chemical products but also environment-friendly, oil-alternative fuels, such as methanol, dimethyl ether (DME), and GTL diesel oil. The Advanced Auto Thermal Gasification (AATG®) Process is a synthesis gas production technology which has been developed based on an entirely new concept in the pursuit of this aim. JGC has been executing this technology development jointly with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. under the auspices of the Japan Oil, Gas, and Metals National Corporation and has recently succeeded in a continuous operation test using a pilot plant which has a synthesis gas production capacity (2,000 Nm3/hr) corresponding to 65 barrels per day in terms of GTL.


  • Use of a deep desulfurization catalyst, enabling a long period of continuous operation of the reforming reactor
  • Use of a high-performance reforming catalyst, which makes possible a compact reactor and a simple process configuration, resulting in lower construction costs
  • Greatly reduced greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions


  • Synthesis gas production in a wide range of H2/CO composition ratios, using natural gas, LPG, naphtha, etc. as a feed gas
  • Flexible response to a large variety of markets for various kinds of chemical products and oil-alternative fuels such as methanol, DME, and GTL diesel oil
  • Application to offshore plants, making the best of a feature of this simple process