J・I・ModuleTM (JGC Integrated Module Concept)


J·I·Module™ is JGC's innovative module concept to minimize on-site work and relieve the impact of various project risks.

Recently, while the market for the construction of plants in remote areas is growing strongly, there is a parallel demand for higher levels of economic efficiency, together with improved safety. In this climate, the downsides of employing larger workforces and bearing the increased field costs involved have become increasingly critical issues.

JGC has been engaged in modularized plant for more than 30 years in each project phase; Pre-FEED, FEED and EPCIC. By utilizing our long-term experience, we propose an integrated module concept that represents a drastic improvement over conventional module construction methods.

Integration - Innovative Design

In the conventional module construction, the main pipe rack, process equipment, electrical room and instrument room are divided into separate modules. They are separately designed, constructed and transported, and then module installation and piping connections between the modules are conducted at the site.

On the other hand, J·I·Module™ integrates these divided modules into one module, and optimizes layout design. Because of this integration, the number of modules can be reduced and on-site work after module transportation can be dramatically reduced.

Advantages of J·I·ModuleTM Introduction

If J·I·Module™ is introduced, field work at remote construction sites will be minimized, because more construction work can be conducted in experienced yards where a wide range of construction tools and a dedicated workforce are available. In addition to this great merit, optimized layout design will reduce the volume and weight of the whole plant.

Accelerating an Early Start to Plant Operation

JGC has worked on LNG and other plants under various project conditions for over a half century. Based on the extensive knowledge cultivated through our experience, the J·I·Module™ concept can be applied to any project requirement. Because certain model patterns of J·I·Module™ have already been prepared, JGC can actualize your preferred module concepts quickly and economically, enabling an early start to plant operation.