Environmental Conservation

Conserving the Global Environment

Contributing to the conservation of the global environment is one of the principles of JGC's philosophy. Drawing on the knowledge we have cultivated through our wide-ranging experience in engineering, we have been developing new business to help curb air pollution, purify water, and mitigate global warming.

Water Purification and Sewage Sludge Processing

Recently, as emerging countries such as China experience rapid economic growth, water pollution in lakes and rivers has become an increasingly serious problem. In addition, the proliferation of sewage treatment plants has created a pressing need for appropriate sewage sludge processing. JGC has been applying our engineering technology to develop solutions for problems such as these, which require immediate attention.

Reducing Air Pollution

Air pollution including PM2.5 is becoming an increasingly serious problem for society not only in China, but in many other places around the world. With the aid of new technology, Japan made a stunning recovery from air pollution problems of its own. Now, integrating proprietary technology from JGC Group companies, including catalysts, and desulfurization and denitration materials, we are working to improve air quality in China and many other parts of the world.

Aiming for a Balance Between Engineering and the Environment

The world is continuing to experience increasing anxiety about the environment such as rapid changes in climate and the need to preserve the diversity of wildlife. Amid this growing trend, businesses are being asked to boost sustainability by improving both infrastructure and industry, promoting greater efficiency in the consumption of resources and applying clean technologies and manufacturing processes which reduce the burden on the environment. As a contribution to the limiting of greenhouse gas emissions, JGC has developed an innovative recovery system for CO2 and sequestering it underground (CCS: Carbon Capture and Storage) and has applied this method both in Japan and overseas. It will continue to develop "green energy" technologies such as photovoltaic and wind power generation systems to combat global warming and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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