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News Release2016

Sep. 20, 2016

Opening of a Japanese-style Hospital in Cambodia

Yokohama-Japan- JGC Corporation has announced today the completion of a Japanese-style hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Construction of the hospital was begun in November, 2014 and its formal opening will take place in October of this year. The project has been undertaken by a Japanese joint venture named Sunrise Healthcare Service Co. Ltd. consisting of the principal shareholder JGC, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and KitaharaMedical Strategies International Co., Ltd. (Affliated company of KNI Medical Corporation which operates Kitahara International Hospital).

Prior to the actual opening of the hospital, a ceremony was held today on September 20 with a total of more than about 1,000 invited guests, and attended by distinguished guests from the Cambodian Government, including Prime Mister Hun Sen and the Minister of Health, representatives from the Japanese Government, and the top management of the three investor companies.

The project consists of a Japanese style critical care hospital centered around a neurosurgical department. The facility is provided with numerous types of medical equipment from Japan and will provide advanced care under the supervision of Japanese doctors for both Cambodian patients and for the expatriate community. The venture to spread elements of Japan’s medical prowess overseas represents one aspect of the government’s “Japan Revitalization Strategy”. By raising the level of care available in Cambodia through the introduction of the latest advances in fields such as neurosurgery and cardiology it is envisaged that there will be a substantial reduction in the 21 thousand Cambodians who annually seek treatment in other countries in the region.    

In addition to having constructed more than 250 hospitals in Japan over the past 30 years, JGC has also accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the field of medical care, including its role in the operation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital. Further, the company’s medium-term business plan, “Beyond the Horizon”, announced in May of this year, calls for the expansion of JGC’s involvement in the medical field overseas. Against the background of ageing societies, the need for improvements in the quality of life and increasing demands for advanced medical care are becoming more pressing throughout the world. In response to the needs expressed in many areas, JGC intends to contribute to raising the level of medical care available through its engagement in the design, construction, and operation of medical facilities.

Hospital Profile

Hospital name

Sunrise Japan Hospital


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Operating organization

Sunrise Healthcare Service

President: Toshiaki Fukudaon assignment from JGC

Investment ratio:

JGC: 52.2,

Innovation Network Corporation of Japan: 46.0%, 

Kitahara International Hospital: 1.8%

Facility profile

Site area: 7,340,

Total floor area: 4,788,

Four-story reinforced concrete building

Available beds

50 beds

Hospital departments

 Critical Care and Emergency Center, General Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Neuroendovascular Therapy,  Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Health Examination Center.

Number of staff

125 persons (planned), including 25 Japanese staff (planned)

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