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Safety Performance and Awards

Safety Performance

As a result of continuous implementation of Group-wide health and safety improvement measures, our incident rate*1 (ILO method) has remained at around 0.5 for the past ten years, a lower level than the average incident rate of 1.3 for the construction industry as a whole. In addition, specific internal annual Total Recordable Injury Rate*2 (TRIR) targets have been set for domestic and overseas projects, with monthly status of achievement circulated within the Company to raise the awareness of safety. The TRIR is a workplace safety indicator that includes the number of cases of accidents without first aid cases. For fiscal 2015, JGC's TRIR for domestic projects was 0.34 against a target of 0.60 or below, and 0.16 for overseas projects against a target of 0.15 or below.

  1. *1The incident rate expresses the occupational accident frequency as the toll of occupational accidents
    that result in a fatality or time off work of more than one day per million hours worked.
  2. *2TRIR is a benchmark of the frequency of occupational injuries developed by OSHA in the United States.
    It is calculated as the number of recordable injuries, which includes injuries not requiring time away from work,
    per 200,000 work hours.
Comparison between the incident Rate at JGC and in the Japanese Construction Industry(ILO Method)

Awards from Clients

Ministry of Health, Labor and
Welfare Minister's Prize
Prize for Excellence

Ministry of Health, Labor and
Welfare Minister's Prize
Prize for Excellence

Train 9 Project
(Petronas, November 2015)

PNG LNG Project
(ExxonMobil, October 2014)

Hawiyah NGL Project
(ARAMCO. November. 2007)

EMDC Safe Contractor of the Year
(October. 2007)