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HSSE Education and Fostering Awareness

Among our plant construction sites, especially those located overseas, there are times when more than 20,000 laborers with differing nationalities and languages are working together at one site on a daily basis. Construction work involves many dangerous tasks, such as working high off the ground and installing large, heavy equipment. Therefore, one of our most important goals for any construction project is construction safety. JGC strives constantly to raise awareness of safety issues and foster a culture of safety among all project personnel, including not only JGC employees but also employees of affiliate companies and subcontractors.

To achieve this, JGC educates project members on why they should be concerned with safety issues, and circulates information on HSSE, including legal HSSE requirements, the HSSE requirements of the client, safety ratings, lessons learned from past accidents, and accident surveys. JGC circulates this information via the company internal communication networks, seminars and safety campaigns. In addition, to ensure that each project team thoroughly grasps the HSSE issues unique to their project, JGC conducts HSSE orientations, where an HSSE plan is formulated and unique HSSE risks are taken into account. All project members are required to familiarize themselves with the HSSE plan.

A motivational safety poster

An HSSE plan briefing with
a subcontractor company

JGC requires all personnel deployed to construction sites, either for business trips or for long-term stays, to attend a seminar on the basics of construction health, safety, and environmental management, including a thorough explanation of basic HSSE knowledge, and an outline of JGC's HSSE management program, HSE policy, and HSSE goals. At these seminars, details of past accidents and their causes are presented, and seminar participants are asked to brainstorm possible future preventive measures, as a way of raising safety consciousness.

Health, Safety, and Environmental
Management Introductory Seminar

Certification of Completion of
Health and Safety Training

Following off-site training, all project personnel, including the client's employees, JGC's employees, employees of subcontractors, and site workers are given practical HSSE education on-site. On-site education includes an introductory course, an HSSE course for team leaders, and training in safe crane hoisting, setup and takedown of scaffolding, working in enclosed spaces, danger assessment and risk analysis, risk prediction and identification, toolbox meetings, first-aid, fire and evacuation drills, work evaluation, and safe methods of waste disposal.