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  4. 7 Golden Rules for Safe Driving

7 Golden Rules for Safe Driving

To help prevent construction and traffic accidents, JGC has implemented the 7 Golden Rules for Life Saving and the 7 Golden Rules for Safe Driving, and has mandated that all personnel working on construction sites, including employees of JGC's affiliate companies, thoroughly familiarize themselves with the rules and abide by them at all times.

Consideration for Worker Safety

Measures for Traffic Accident Prevention

JGC is strengthening its measures to prevent traffic accidents at overseas sites and bases. In fiscal 2010, we introduced a thorough set of guidelines for management of vehicle operation, including the 7 Golden Rules for accident prevention, a traffic safety management system, and the In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS). We also revised the guidelines for the prevention of traffic accidents overseas. In addition, to continuously monitor the status of traffic safety measure implementation at overseas sites and bases, JGC's management conducts traffic safety audits and mandates the submission of Monthly Traffic Safety Reports and semiannual reports.