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To Our Stakeholders

Photo:Masayuki Sato(left) Koichi Kawana(right)

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our stakeholders for their continued understanding and strong support of our business activities. Looking back on the 2014 fiscal year, I regard it as a period of great uncertainty for the engineering business. The slowdown of the Chinese economy and developing economies as well as the falling price of oil, persistently affected the global economy, causing the postponement or cancellation of the capital investment projects of major oil companies and state-owned national oil companies.

Faced with this challenging market environment, we focused all of our efforts on the business activities of sales, project implementation and investment. In fiscal 2015, although the market outlook is still unclear as of August, we will exert our maximum energies on meeting sales targets and earnings forecasts. Our aim is to achieve expansion of our business areas and overall sustainable growth.

Looking at the global economy from a medium to long-term perspective, we anticipate that the developing countries of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America that are members of the G20 will continue to follow the path of growth, led by nations with massive populations such as China and India. This will require us to tackle many issues on a global scale, including the environmental problems that accompany increased energy demand and production, following population increase.

The Group’s core philosophy emphasizes that its mission is to “contribute to the prosperity of the economy and society while protecting the global environment, and aim for sustainable development as a globally active company with its core business in engineering-based services.” We therefore consider it our duty to provide stable energy and effectively utilize resources, commercialize unconventional resources, promote and popularize renewable energy contributing to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, as well as establish and improve social infrastructure. These will lead the way toward the solution of issues that directly affect the global economy, while achieving even further growth and expansion.

Looking ahead, we will thoroughly fulfill our obligations and meet the expectations of our broad range of stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, clients, and local communities. We would deeply appreciate your continued support.

Masayuki Sato

Masayuki Sato
Chairman and Representative Director

Koichi Kawana

Koichi Kawana
President and Representative Director