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To Our Stakeholders

Photo:Masayuki Sato(left) Koichi Kawana(right)

We offer our heartfelt thanks for the deep understanding of our business activities and the vigorous support shown by all our stakeholders.

In May 2016, the Company announced its new “Beyond the Horizon” 5-year medium-term business plan, of which fiscal 2016 is the inaugural year. While the oil and gas industries will be positioned as the core fields for the Company, as before, we will expand our business area into the infrastructure field, aiming to achieve further growth as a steadily expanding corporate group that is able to ride out any market fluctuations.

The previous fiscal year of 2015 saw a continuation of the extremely challenging environment in the plant market, characterized by lower oil prices and excess LNG supply, leading in turn to tightly controlled capital investments at major oil companies and national oil companies. However, due to expanding demand for energy against a background of rising population and economic growth, capital expenditure (CAPEX) in oil and gas industries by the state-owned oil companies of oil-producing countries began to show positive signs at the start of fiscal 2016.

While taking the measure of the changing market environment, the Company will resolutely implement the business strategies set out in the new “Beyond the Horizon” medium-term business plan, looking toward the realization of still greater business expansion. By this means, we will fulfill the mission of creating a prosperous future for people and the planet as outlined in its corporate philosophy, The JGC Way, and respond to the expectations of its diverse stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, suppliers and local communities.

Masayuki Sato

Masayuki Sato
Chairman and Representative Director

Koichi Kawana

Koichi Kawana
President and Representative Director