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Dividend Policy

Shareholders Return Policy

JGC is committed to enhancing its corporate value by developing its global businesses, while placing management priority on returning profits to shareholders.

With regard to a specific dividend policy, JGC has a policy of appropriating profits by setting a medium-to long-term target dividend payout ratio, considering strengthening our capital base, expanding of our business fields and investing so as to increase our technological advantage, while linking the dividend to the performance of JGC for each period to ensure profits are appropriately returned to shareholders.

In the Medium-Term Business Plan, “Beyond the Horizon,” for the period of five years from fiscal 2016, JGC has expressed its commitment to ensuring that profits are appropriately returned to shareholders while enhancing the corporate value of the JGC Group as a whole through investment in growth areas as well as other business investment in determining its aim of attaining a dividend payout ratio of 30% of current net profits on a consolidated basis.

While dividends are regarded as the primary means of providing returns to shareholders, JGC shall also consider carrying out share buybacks as necessary in the light of cash reserves holdings, share price trends, and other factors.

Fiscal year Annual Dividend per Share
As of Fiscal Year-End Full Year
Fiscal 2016 Ending March 2017 30.0(Forecast) 30.0(Forecast)
Fiscal 2015 Ending March 2016 42.5 42.5
Fiscal 2014 Ending March 2015 21.0 21.0
Fiscal 2013 Ending March 2014 46.5 46.5
Fiscal 2012 Ending March 2013 45.5 45.5