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Promoting Hospital Business Development in Cambodia

- Front-Runner in Total Medical Care Package Export -

Yokohama, JapanJGC Corporation announced today that it will be developing a hospital business in Phnom Penh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Cambodia, incorporating Japanese medical technology and hospitality.

Package export of total medical care is one growth strategy that is now being implemented by the Cambodian government, and JGC's business will be the first to fall under the auspices of this initiative. The business will involve construction of a hospital in Phnom Penh that will be staffed largely by Japanese doctors and nurses, offering reliable medical treatment to Cambodian citizens. Through this business, JGC hopes to contribute to raising the level of medical services available in Cambodia. Currently, the number of patients who travel outside the country for medical treatment each year is estimated at 210,000, and JGC hopes to help reduce that number by offering Cambodian medical practitioners valuable education opportunities and medical technology. In particular, JGC hopes to offer high-level services and technology in neurosurgery, a field in which Cambodia's current medical services are lacking, to contribute to improving the overall health of the Cambodian public.

This hospital business will be managed by a Cambodian subsidiary company in which JGC has more than a 50% stake, which will receive funding from the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, and then outsource medical management of the hospital to Kitahara Medical Strategies International. The total cost of the project will be 3.5 billion yen, and with cooperation from the Japanese and Cambodian governments, the hospital is scheduled to open in 2015 with 50 beds.

JGC Corporation has undertaken more than 250 engineering and construction projects for medical facilities over the course of 30 years. It has also undertaken consulting projects, and in 2008 took charge of a construction and management PFI (Private Finance Initiative) for the Tokyo Matsuzawa Hospital from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In the future, JGC will be continuing to expand its activities in hospital management and development.

As demand for better medical care expands in emerging countries with rapidly developing economies, JGC will be drawing on the project management expertise it has honed through countless projects, and its years of business experience and knowledge, to continue to actively engage in the medical care business both in Japan and overseas.


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