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JGC to Lead Mega-Solar Power Project in Chiba Pref.

- From Concept Development to Construction and Management -

Yokohama, JapanJGC Corporation announced today that it is undertaking a mega-solar photovoltaic power generation project to be located in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture.

The plant will be constructed on about 360,000 square meters of land owned by Taiyo Kogyo Corporation. The plant will have a power generating capacity of approximately 31,000 kW (sufficient to power roughly 11,000 typical households), and the power generated will be sold to Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. under Japan's feed-in tariff system. This project will be JGC's second mega-solar photovoltaic power generation project in Japan.

Plant management will be undertaken by a special-purpose company wholly-owned by JGC, which will manage the plant for twenty years, from the start of commercial operation. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) work for this plant will also be undertaken by JGC. The cost of the project will total about 10 billion yen, which will be provided through a project finance contract involving Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, the Chiba Bank, Ltd., and the Joyo Bank, Ltd.

Although the number of sites suitable for the construction of mega-solar photovoltaic power generation plants in Japan is limited, JGC, based on its wealth of experience and technological know-how gained from the construction and operation of energy plants both in Japan and overseas, is confident of its ability to realize the project in an efficient and economical manner. As the developer and EPC contractor, JGC has already conducted intensive studies on the topography of the area for the plant.

JGC's involvement in this type of power generation began with its investment in two 100,000 kW concentrating solar power (CSP) plants in Spain, which came into commercial operation in February, 2012. In addition, the company has been testing solar photovoltaic technology at a demonstration plant in Saudi Arabia since 2011. Also, in August 2012, JGC launched a mega-solar power project in Oita. In carrying out this new solar power project in Japan, JGC will draw on its previous experience in solar power generation, and take full advantage of this important chance to expand the field of renewable energy. Demand for electricity is increasing not only within Japan, but worldwide, and JGC is planning to more fully contribute to the development of sustainable power generation both in Japan and overseas.


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