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Japan's Largest Mega-Solar Power Plant Completed in Oita


Yokohama, JapanJGC Corporation announced today that the mega-scale solar photovoltaic power plant it has been developing in the Oita Coastal Industrial Zone, Oita prefecture in Japan, was completed construction of the plant on April 30th, and began commercial operation on May 1st. Today, May 14th, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held, and attended by various concerned parties, including Katsusada Hirose, governor of Oita Prefecture; Ban Kugimiya, mayor of Oita City; Koichi Kawana, President of JGC Corporation, and others.

This is the first solar photovoltaic power generation project JGC has developed in Japan, and as of the time of the start of its commercial operations (May this year), it is the highest-capacity mega solar power plant in the country. This is the second solar power generation project operated by JGC, following development of a solar thermal plant project in the Cordoba region of Spain, which has a capacity of 100,000 kW and came into commercial operation in March 2011.
Demand for electric power has been increasing, not only in Japan, but worldwide, and JGC is committed to developing sustainable energy sources to power the future, both in Japan and overseas.

To further this goal, JGC has been working on increasing its project experience in the sustainable energy sector, especially the construction of sustainable power plants, and to this end took on a new contract for the construction of a mega solar power plant in Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture from Mitsuuroko Green Energy Co., Ltd. and Recycle One, Inc. in April of this year.

In addition, at present, JGC has been drawing on its wealth of technical experience with energy plants and infrastructure facilities and its project management capabilities honed through many large-scale overseas projects to develop plants for sustainable "smart cities" in India and other emerging countries.

JGC will continue to apply the experience it has gained from constructing and operating this plant in Oita towards expanding its initiatives promoting large-scale solar power as the energy source for environmentally-friendly smart city transit systems based around electric vehicles. From now into the future, JGC hopes to further offer its technology and experience to contribute to the realization of a broadly feasible sustainable energy cycle for society at large.

  Plant Outline
Facility Name Nissan Green Energy Farm in Oita
Address 10, Aozaki, Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Area 350,000 square meters (~820m× ~420m)
(leased from Nissan Motor Company)
JGC Mirai Solar Co., Ltd.
(wholly-owned subsidiary of JGC)
Representative: President, Masashi Mizoguchi
Location: Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Date Founded: June 2012
Start of Commercial Operation May 1st, 2013
Generation Capacity 26,500 kW
(equivalent to the power consumed by 9,000 standard households)
Construction Contractor A consortium of JGC's subsidiary JGC Plant Solutions and Yonden Engineering
September 2012: start of piling construction
March 2013: connection to grid and start of commissioning
Solar Panel Type Total of ~114,000 solar panels, manufactured by Sharp Corp. and Solar Frontier K.K.

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