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News Release 2013


In Recognition of the Messages of Condolence and Floral Tributes
Offered for the Victims of the Incident in Algeria


The recent tragedy in Algeria has resulted in the loss of 17 of our esteemed colleagues engaged in work at our plant in that country. We are weighed down by feelings of profound sorrow at this tragic loss of life.

During the 10-day period from 23 January to 01 February, more than 8,900 mourners, including members of the general public as well as business partners, have paid their respects to the departed by signing the condolence books opened at our Tokyo Corporate Office and Yokohama World Operations Center, with many also presenting floral offerings.

Along with their expressions of sympathy for the victims of this tragedy, many have added words of encouragement, commending the company and its staff for their efforts to promote economic progress in developing countries in the face of adverse conditions.

The management and staff of the company extend their heartfelt gratitude to those people for their warm support.

We pledge ourselves to honor the legacy of those who have given their lives contributing to development and progress by continuing to do our utmost to protect human safety as we carry out our construction projects.

As of 01 February, the temporary altar for floral tributes will be closed. However, the condolence book on the 1st Floor of the JGC Yokohama World Operations Center will remain open for the present.


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