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JGC to Merge Domestic Subsidiaries

  JGC Project Services and Nikki Construction

Yokohama, Japan –JGC has decided to merge its consolidated subsidiaries JGC Project Services Co., Ltd. and Nikki Construction Co., Ltd., effective from April 1st, 2011.
JGC Project Services will be the surviving entity, and Nikki Construction will be dissolved. The new company will commence business operations under the name JGC Plant Solutions Co., Ltd.

Both companies are wholly-owned domestic engineering subsidiaries of JGC Corporation. JGC Project Services has been providing EPC and maintenance services for chemical plants, petroleum refineries, and offsite/utility facilities. Nikki Construction has been conducting piping construction and maintenance work for chemical plants and petroleum refineries.

As part of its recently announced new medium-term management plan "New Horizon 2015," (effective from 2011 until 2015), JGC stressed a need for increasing its competitiveness in the realm of EPC, which constitutes its core line of business. The merger of the two domestic EPC subsidiaries is aimed at strengthening JGC's competitiveness in the EPC arena.

Purpose of Merger
1. Increase cost competitiveness
  By pooling management resources, the new company will achieve a higher level of cost competitiveness through a stronger operational base.
2. Increase depth and breadth of business operations
  The new company will deepen its involvement in both the engineering work undertaken by JGC Project Services and the construction work undertaken by Nikki Construction, while simultaneously broadening its scope to effectively meet its clients' ever-changing needs.
3. Expand overseas
  By forming a network with JGC's overseas EPC subsidiaries, it is hoped the new company will help strengthen JGC's increasingly expanding overseas market.

Outline of JGC Plant Solutions Co., Ltd.
1. Corporate name: JGC Plant Solutions Co., Ltd.
2. Business: Engineering, materials procurement, construction, piping work, and maintenance for chemical plants, petroleum refineries,
off-site/utilities, etc.
3. Address of head office: 1-13-1, Saido, Kounan-ku, Yokohama, Japan
4. Representative: Akira Wada, President
(currently Executive Officer of JGC Corporation)
5. Capital: 695 million yen
6. JGC's shareholding ratio: 100% (consolidated subsidiary)

Outline of the merging companies
Corporate name JGC Project Services Co., Ltd.
(remaining entity)
Nikki Construction Co., Ltd
Business Engineering, materials procurement, construction and maintenance for chemical plants, petroleum refineries, offsite/utilities, etc. Piping construction work and maintenance for petroleum refineries, chemical plants, environmental facilities, etc.
Date of incorporation April 19th, 2000 October 15th, 1958
Address of
head office
1-13-1 Saido, Kounan-ku,
Yokohama, Japan
3-17 Egasaki-cho, Tsurumi-ku,
Yokohama, Japan
Representative Toshio Imazeki, President Yoshiharu Shibuya, President
Capital 200 million yen
(as of December 1st, 2010)
495 million yen
(as of December 1st, 2010)
JGC's share 100% (consolidated subsidiary) 100% (consolidated subsidiary)
Sales 44.8 billion yen (Fiscal 2009) 19.9 billion yen (Fiscal 2009)
Number of employees 735 (as of December 1st, 2010) 167 (as of December 1st, 2010)


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