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Establishment of JGC Pharma Services Co., Ltd.

  Promoting One-Stop Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

Yokohama, Japan – JGC announced today that they have moved further into the pharmaceutical and clinical development sector with a purchase of the valuable assets of Tokyo CRO, Inc. (CRO=Contract Research Organization), effective September 17th. JGC will be incorporating the assets of Tokyo CRO into a new JGC Group subsidiary under the name JGC Pharma Services Co., Ltd.

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have been concentrating efforts on the drug discovery research and sales that make up their core business, while outsourcing clinical development and manufacturing. Specialized companies have been taking charge of clinical development and pharmaceutical manufacturing in Europe and North America, and recently there has been a growing demand for specialists in Japan, as well. Seeking to take advantage of this market opportunity, in 2007, JGC launched its Comprehensive Pharma Service initiative, to provide pharmaceutical outsourcing services ranging from new drug development through clinical development, manufacture, and sales. Concurrently, JGC purchased an 11% share in Tokyo CRO, for cooperation on the clinical development front.

Due to adverse circumstances, Tokyo CRO underwent a radical organizational restructuring, aimed at broadening its pharmaceutical service capabilities. JGC has purchased the valuable assets and facilities from Tokyo CRO, imported the experienced staff members, and re-established the newly restructured company as JGC Pharma Services. JGC Group has so far been providing EPC for pharmaceutical facilities, as well as services relating to the manufacture of GMP-compliant pharmaceutical products. JGC Pharma Services will focus its business on clinical development, and serve as a platform for a variety of other services, including outsourcing coordination for clinical development, clinical trials, and manufacture of investigational products. JGC Group can help client companies save time and money by enabling “one-stop-shopping” for any and all pharmaceutical outsourcing needs.

As an outsourcing coordinator, JGC is now working to build a network with manufacturers in Taiwan, China, and other Asian countries, and has already signed contracts with several top-ranking pharmaceutical manufacturers in Taiwan. In conjunction with this, JGC Pharma Services will focus on international collaborative clinical development including Asian studies. JGC Group is now rapidly expanding outward to serve a diverse array of client needs. With JGC Pharma Services, JGC is looking forward to the future of pharmaceutical engineering.


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