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Organizational Reform and Personnel Reshuffling as of July 1st

JGC Corporation will institute an organizational restructuring including personnel repositioning on July 1, 2010. The intentions of the reform are outlined below.

The reasons for the reform, and their overview

1. Integration of EPC marketing with business investment marketing
To share information between our company’s core businesses, plant EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) marketing and business investment marketing, and to promote unified marketing, the current Global Marketing Division is to be reorganized with its divisional system abolished. The divisions are to be restructured.

2. Creation of new fields and the encouragement of
the development of businesses while strengthening in-house support systems

To create new fields and develop businesses in the areas of our EPC business and investment, as well as to strengthen the company-wide support systems for new businesses in their operation, management, and technologies, the Business Promotion & Execution Division is to be established.

3. Expansion of businesses in China
To expand business activities in China, the China Business Development office is being established.

4. Promotion of Self-reliance among Overseas Subsidiaries
To promote self-reliance on the part of our company’s overseas subsidiaries, and strengthen our head office’s support systems, the current JGC Vietnam Support Office and JGC Algeria Support Office will be integrated into the Overseas Affiliate Strategy Office.


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