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JGC enters into a comprehensive collaboration agreement
on international technological cooperation with the City of Yokohama


Yokohama, Japan – JGC Corporation (JGC) announced today that the company and the City of Yokohama entered into a comprehensive collaboration on international technological cooperation on June 14, 2010. The purpose of the collaboration is to enhance the growth of international contributions including advanced and comprehensive urban planning which is in demand in recent years by newly-emerging nations. The aim is to aid the development of their environmental policies and infrastructure improvement. Such collaboration allows the private and public partners to share each other’s experience in international technological cooperation, while optimally utilizing one another’s know-how and technologies.

The City of Yokohama operates the Kyoso Front Desk which accepts inquiries and proposals concerning public and private sector partnerships. JGC submitted a proposal to the Desk directed at collaboration in the area of international business. The proposal was studied and accepted by the city, with the result being a comprehensive collaboration arrangement on international technological cooperation.

1. Background

JGC was founded in Yokohama in 1928 and, as a comprehensive engineering company, has carried out numerous oil and natural gas plant construction projects in over 70 countries over the years. The company has grown to be a leading global enterprise active in Japan as well as overseas, possessing advanced engineering technologies and superior project manageability.

The City of Yokohama has accumulated a wide range of technologies and know-how for urban development as it wrestled to overcome numerous challenges associated with urban infrastructure and the environment stemming from a rapidly increasing industrial concentration as well as population swelling. The city is actively promoting international friendship exchanges with its sister cities abroad. As the sister cities open to the world, Yokohama is making international contributions through technological collaborations.

In recent years, demand has been growing in newly-emerging and developing countries for the development of sustainable cities with economy and environment in harmony. JGC and the City of Yokohama plan collaboration with the aim of creating new opportunities for businesses which will stimulate the Yokohama economy.

2. Purpose

The total purpose of the collaboration is to contribute to newly-emerging countries and international society through overseas cooperation, drawing on accumulated experience for cities and companies and through know-how and technologies for urban development, while at the same time developing and energizing the economy of the international City of Yokohama. Tasks set for JGC and the City of Yokohama for overseas business development are outlined in the following.

2.1 JGC
  (1) In conjunction with JGC’s business, conduct public relations activities for the City of Yokohama’s urban development, including the development of its urban infrastructure and environmental policies.
  (2) Gather and compile information on businesses, as well as provide Yokohama city with such information.
  (3) In association with JGC’s business engagement, promote coordination and cooperation with the city’s small- and mid-sized companies and thereby energize the economy of the city.

2.2 City of Yokohama
  (1) Support JGC including cooperation with surveys while providing advice on planning, constructing, and managing urban development, with a focus on infrastructure and environmental policy.
  (2) - Gather and compile information on businesses
- Provide JGC Corporation with such information
- Conduct public relations activities
  (3) Assist JGC Corporation with its activities in coordination and cooperation with small- and mid- sized companies in Yokohama.

3. Detailed work
- Collaboration on the FS survey for the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Initiative

3.1 Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor Initiative

The Initiative is a Japan-India cooperative regional development project for which agreement was reached between the two nations in December 2009. The project is huge, with a total cost reaching approximately 90 billion dollars. It calls for constructing an approximately 1500 km long, cargo-specific railroad between Delhi, capital of India, and Mumbai, a sister city of Yokohama. This is to be financed by yen loans. It also calls for developing infrastructures for industrial districts along the railroad route, which will be financed mainly by private sector investment.

With the initiative, urban development is planned in twenty-four regions. Japan will cooperate to realize smart communities by applying Japan’s environment and system technologies.

JGC began by conducting a feasibility study in Shendora in the State of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital. Last late April, in the presence of the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Masayuki Naoshima, the Maharashtra State Government and a consortium formed by four Japanese organizations signed the memorandum on cooperation.

  3.2 Schedule
    Design work of specific plans for the feasibility study will be launched based on the results of current site surveys and gathered information. Shri Amitabh Kant, chief executive officer of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited, is scheduled to make a fact-finding trip to Yokohama on June 17, meeting with Mayor Hayashi.


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