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JGC Awarded Consulting Contract for
Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in China

Yokohama, Japan - An agreement with the provincial authority in Liaoning, China, was announced today for JGC Corporation to provide consulting services for the drafting of a master plan for an industrial park focusing on biomedical and pharmaceutical products.

Liaoning province in northeastern China has allocated 1.5 trillion yen for the creation over the next decade of an industrial park of about 23 million square meters in Benxi city (population: 1.6 million, located about 40 kilometers south of Shenyang city), as a major development project.

The plan is on a grand scale with the central government's National Development Reform Committee involved. The first stage calls for the construction of herbal medical laboratories, while subsequent development will target a wide range of pharmaceutical industries together with the establishment of a research and development center, a university, and a pharmaceutical training center.

JGC and the planner, Benxi Economic and Technical Development Zone Administrative Committee of Liaoning province, signed a memorandum on technical cooperation. The move stems from JGC's involvement in Liaoning province including participation in joint ventures with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University for GMP training and assistance to the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in the province. JGC assistance will include development of the master plan, establishing guidelines for prospective investors, drafting GMP standards for the park, and aiding in attracting Japanese enterprises.

This is the first case in which the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has asked an overseas engineering firm to provide consulting services to a Chinese administration agency.


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