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JGC Selected to Reorganize and Develop Tokyo Municipal Hospital

Yokohama, Japan - JGC Corporation has been selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the refurbishing and management of the Mental Health Center (tentative naming). JGC and its partners, Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Oze Ringyo Co., Ltd., will jointly establish a special purpose company that will both construct, and operate and maintain the medical facilities. The total program cost is estimated to be approximately 73.5 billion yen for construction and the operation and maintenance of the facilities for the 15-year period covered under the agreement.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will reorganize the Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital located in Setagaya ward into the Mental Health Center (897 beds, 69,000 square meters) as a part of metropolitan hospital reforms by utilizing the Private Finance Initiative method, under which the Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) creation of new facilities and the Rehabilitate-Operate (RO) system for existing facilities will be carried out. The new company, to be established by JGC (90%), Tokyo Electric Power (9%) and Oze Ringyo (1%), will construct the facilities starting from 2009 and will also operate and maintain the facilities from 2012 through 2027.

JGC has been engaged in health care projects for about 30 years. The company provides a wide range of services from basic planning, design, construction, and medical equipment procurement, to introducing information systems. It also has a proven track record of project management in the health care industry.

JGC’s business partner Tokyo Electric Power will take responsibility for advanced energy management of the facilities. Oze Ringyo, a subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power, will work to maintain the lush green landscaping, utilizing its know-how in the field of environmental conservation gained through its work in the Oze National Park.


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