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Hospital (Tokyo)

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First PFI Hospital Management Project Contracted by an
Engineering Company in Japan

JGC has been providing an integrated management service for Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital as the first Private Finance Initiative (PFI) hospital management project undertaken by an engineering company in Japan. JGC’s service includes the maintenance of hospital facilities with 890 patient beds and operative tasks such as healthcare administration, distribution of supplies, meal services, and the procurement of medical equipment.

JGC Designs Both Architecture and Facility Operation for Healthcare
JGC has more than 30 years of experience as a project management contractor for hospital design and construction. Today JGC’s engineering service incorporates both architectural design and development of operational plans, including the healthcare information systems. This holistic approach to hospital design enables hospital owners to realize facilities with the highest efficiency.

Contributing to the Society through Improving the Healthcare Environment
JGC not only provides engineering and management services but also works with healthcare facilities as an investment partner. JGC hopes to contribute to the society through improving the quality of healthcare environment around the world.

Client Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Location Tokyo/Japan
Completion 2013 (Operation up to 2027)
Scope EPC/O&M