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Radioactive Glass Waste RD Facility (Aomori)

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JGC performed Installation of machine and electrical equipment work on the Vitrification Technology Facility of the JNFL’s Reprocessing Plant in village of Rokkasho, Kamikita District, Aomori Prefecture.

The purpose of this facility is to perform vitrification melter trials, remote-controlled maintenance, and disassembly and demolition trials, and operation training. JGC’s own contributions to basic research on suitability for disposal of vitrified waste were evaluated highly by the client, and we were awarded the contract.

Soon after receiving the contract in August 2010, JGC was faced with construction delays and materials shortages following the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. However, we overcame the difficulties and completed the work in October 2013. From here on, JGC will continue to contribute to the smooth start-up of the facility and the safety of reprocessing operations.

Based on JGC suggestion and justification based on the results of standard inspection, total construction costs for this project were significantly reduced. Furthermore, despite a difficult environment in the floor-covered with ice, etc. on-site, the work was completed without incident, and by the scheduled deadline.

Client Japan Nucler Fuel Ltd.
Location Aomori/Japan
Completion 2013
Scope EPC