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GTL Complex (Ras Laffan)

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JGC was awarded by Qatar Shell GTL a contract for the Pearl GTL Project, spanning work from the feasibility study, the front-end engineering and design phase through to construction. Completed in 2012, the Pearl GTL plant is the largest GTL (gas-to-liquids) production plant in the world. Gas to liquids uses natural gas as feedstock for the production of liquid fuel alternatives to, for example, lubricating oil, diesel, gasoline and kerosene normally refined from crude oil. Compared to liquid fuels refined from crude oil, GTL fuels place less of a burden on the environment and are currently attracting attention as a more environmentally friendly next-generation energy source.

JGC took charge of the engineering and construction of the main GTL production facility within the plant. Together with KBR, JGC also took responsibility for the overall management of the Project, and had a large part to play in its success, earning applause from the client and securing its position as a leading contractor in the field of GTL plant construction.

During the peak construction period of the Project, more than 50,000 workers from about sixty countries worked at the site, making safety a primary concern. With the leadership of the client, JGC developed the “Incident and Injury Free” (IIF) safety concept, and implemented it on this Project with great success, achieving 72.9 million man-hours of work without injuries, a figure which broke all company records at the time. This safety initiative has since been adopted for other projects as well, and will continue to further strengthen JGC’s construction safety reputation.

Client Qatar Shell GTL Ltd.
Location Ras Laffan/Qatar
Completion 2012
Scope EPCM
Capacity 140,000 BPD