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LNG Terminal (Aomori)

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The purpose of this project was to construct an LNG receiving terminal in Aomori Prefecture for client JX Nippon Oil & Energy. LNG, which is being hailed as an environmentally-friendly fuel, is increasingly in demand in northern Tohoku, and the construction of the terminal was planned to meet this demand. JGC received the contract for the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services associated with the terminal in 2010.

Except for a portion of the jetty and LNG tanks, JGC took charge of EPC service for all plant facilities, including two LNG tanks with a capacity of 140,000 KL each, unloading facilities for LNG tankers, loading facilities for coastal tankers, regasification facilities, loading facilities for tank cars and associated utilities.

JGC began performing FEED (front-end engineering and design) work for the entire terminal in March of 2009. During competitive bidding in 2010, JGC was evaluated highly for our competitive construction costs, technical abilities, and experience with LNG plants both in Japan and abroad, and we were awarded the EPC portion of the project.

JGC, a leading contractor in the field of LNG plants, has participated in the construction of more than one third of all the LNG facilities in the world today, including receiving terminals in Japan.

Natural gas and LNG currently supply 20% of Japan’s primary energy, and demand is expected to continue rising in the near future. JGC will continue offering our engineering services to actively address a wide variety of client needs, and contribute to world energy security.

Client JX Nippon Oil & Energy
Location Aomori/Japan
Completion 2015
Scope EPC
Capacity 140,000KL×2