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LNG Plant (Bintuni, Papua)

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The Tangguh LNG Plant Project called for the construction of an LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant in Bintuni on the Indonesian part of the island of Papua. The plant, completed in 2009, has a production capacity of 7.6 million tons per year (3.8 million tons x 2 trains). JGC was awarded the EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning) contract from client BP Berau as leader of a consortium with KBR and PT Pertafenikki Engineering (current name PT JGC Indonesia.)

During the bidding for this project, JGC optimized plant costs more carefully than ever before from the standpoints of cost minimization and maximization of economic feasibility. Moreover, JGC gained the appreciation of the client for preparing a project plant that would closely follow environmental measures that had jointly been agreed upon in advance by the government and the client. The various efforts made may have contributed to JGC winning the contract for the project.

The LNG plant is located in an undeveloped area 3200 km from Jakarta. Development of the site and infrastructure in the middle of the jungle while complying with environmental conservation policies posed challenges from the viewpoints of securing appropriate personnel and delivering equipment. Overseeing a huge number of workers in a remote natural environment required all of JGC’s outstanding project management skills as well as passion for getting the job done. At completion of the project, we received high praise for having met the requirements of the client and government agencies throughout the various phases of the EPCC work. Because of this, JGC considers the Tangguh Project to be one of our landmark projects in recent years.

Client BP Berau, LTD.
Location Bintuni, Papua/Indonesia
Completion 2009
Scope EPCC
Capacity 7,600,000 T/Y