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Gas Processing Plant (Hawiyah)

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JGC received the contract for this project from Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) in 1998, and at that time, it was one of the largest grassroots plants constructed for the client. JGC has executed numerous projects in Saudi Arabia since the 1960’s, and Saudi Aramco awarded us the contract based on our rich experience and advanced engineering technology. The project is located in the southeast region of Saudi Arabia, on the Ghawar oil field, the largest oil field in the world. The purpose of the project was to gather the gas from the field and process it into fuel gas, to meet the rapidly rising demand for gas within Saudi Arabia. The project was part of the Master Gas System Expansion initiative, which was aimed at increasing the production and supply capabilities of gas facilities in the country.

This project was executed based on a One Team Concept between the client, JGC, and subcontractors. After thorough planning and on-site problem-solving sessions involving all concerned parties, the project was successfully completed in September 2001, four months ahead of schedule. The success of this project increased JGC’s presence in Saudi Arabia, and led to our subsequent receipt of the Haradh Project, which is also part of the Master Gas System Expansion initiative.

Client Saudi Aramco
Location Hawiyah/Saudi Arabia
Completion 2001
Scope EPC
Capacity 1,600 MMSCFD