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Big Data Solution Business

Adding New Values to Clients’ Businesses

Big Data Solutions

Big Data /IoT Business ―― a new business model in the world where everything is connected on the Internet and new value is created through information exchange and data analysis. By making the most of the experience, know-how, and engineering data that JGC has accumulated through a wide range of businesses, JGC will provide big data solution services which contribute to the enhancement of clients’ business value.

Value only JGC can provide

Clients have various needs, such as enhancing safety and productivity, reducing investment and operation costs, and technology transfer to younger generations. To solve these clients’ needs, JGC is providing a wide range of solutions through its EPC business and project operations/investment business. Based on JGC’s accumulated know-how, JGC will grasp clients’ needs appropriately and propose a wide range of reliable solution services.

Big Data Analysis Service

  • Anomaly Detection
  • This service detects signs of anomalies through the analysis of plant operation data and identifies the cause-and-effect relationship of those anomalies. This contributes to the prevention of operation trouble.
  • Longevity Prediction
  • This service predicts the time-dependent deterioration of catalysts and solvents used in various plants. It then provides suggestions about the best timing for their replacement. This contributes to the enhancement of maintenance efficiency.


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