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Secondary Manufacturing

Risk-Transparent Engineering for Secondary Manufacturing

JGC is a leading company in the engineering and construction of secondary manufacturing pharmaceutical plants, providing high-level engineering services through to qualification. With a practical understanding of the diverse types of work that secondary manufacturing plants must accomplish, from production to cleaning, washing, and material handling, JGC engineers plants that incorporate the wishes of the client, GMP, and efficiency. Using not only our proprietary technology, but also our unique technical knowledge obtained from working both domestically and overseas, we realize plants that adhere to the latest global GMP standards.

From now into the future, JGC will continue to apply our wealth of knowledge and experience to risk assessment and technology for cost-effective analyses for all kinds of pharmaceutical types (including injections, solid oral dosage medications, ophthalmic solution, medicated patches, and ointments), using “risk-based engineering” to construct secondary manufacturing plants optimized to the needs of our clients.

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