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Research Facilities

Engineering the Evolving Research Center

Research facilities should rightly be considered a lifeline to business activities, and as such, they must stay updated with the latest cutting-edge technology. To achieve this, they require design flexibility allowing for the introduction of next-generation alterations. The backbone of JGC’s work on engineering and constructing research facilities is supported by our goal of creating the “evolving research center,” adapted to the continual change and progress in research and development functions. A research center is not a simple building, but a high value-added and integrated facility. JGC obtains a deep understanding of the necessary functions and elements, and bases our engineering methods on superior project management abilities. We believe that communication, flexibility, and energy efficiency are indispensable, vital elements of engineering. We base our “evolving research center” on our proprietary elemental technology and our wealth of experience and know-how accumulated from planning, engineering, constructing, and conducting facility management for research centers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, machine manufacturing, and other fields.

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