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Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing

Contributing to Cutting-Edge Treatments through Regenerative Medicine Engineering

“Regenerative medicine” helps patients with injury or damage to a specific body part due to illness or accident to recover lost functions through external culture or regeneration of affected cells or systems. Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge therapy that offers new treatment possibilities where no treatment options existed before. Regenerative medical facilities that deal with human cells and systems must therefore clear a complex set of high hurdles, including transparent GMP compliance, security of a sterile environment, and bio-hazard protection measures. JGC has the distinction of engineering and constructing Japan’s first commercial regenerative medicine production facility, as well as the world’s first facility for producing platelets from iPS cells. When constructing pharmaceutical production plants and research facilities, we apply numerous types of technology, including proprietary GMP compliance technology, sterile technology, cell culture technology, qualification technology and more, to contribute to the development of cutting-edge medicine through engineering. We have high hopes for regenerative medicine as a field, and will continue to offer our services for creating optimized regenerative medical facilities in the future.

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