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Single Heat Transfer Fluid System for Temperature Control

The Single Heat Transfer Fluid System for Temperature Control Realizes High-Precision Control over a Wide Temperature Range

In many cases, manufacturing facilities for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and intermediate product must be capable of manufacturing multiple products, and require a wide range of temperature control for reactions and crystallization. In addition, in some cases, reactions and crystallization must be induced at extremely low temperatures in order to limit the occurrence of reaction byproducts. Conventionally, combinations of various heat transfer fluids including brine, hot water and steam have been used to for these situations, but JGC’s single heat transfer fluid system for temperature control (Flexthermo®) uses a single medium for control of all temperatures required for pharmaceutical manufacturing, including extremely low temperatures.

The silicone oil used in the single heat transfer fluid system comes in two types, JS120 and JS60, both of which were developed by JGC. Which type is used depends on the temperature range. For temperature control above -40 degrees Celsius, JS60, which has been certified under the Fire Services Act as non- hazardous material is easier to use, whereas JS120 is useable across a wider range of temperatures, between -80 and 140 degrees Celsius.

JGC offers this silicone oil at a reasonable price, and when combined with JGC’s model-predictive control system, high-precision temperature control can be achieved across a wide temperature range. JGC holds the patent for this temperature control system.

Operation Range for Heating Media

Single Heat Transfer System for Temperature Control – Advantages and Flow Chart

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