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Overseas Development

Quality Japanese Pharmaceutical Engineering, Anywhere in the World

In recent years, pharmaceutical needs of emerging countries have been developing rapidly in tandem with economic growth. JGC has a long history of constructing numerous types of pharmaceutical factories and research facilities both in Japan and overseas, and applies this experience toward realizing quality Japanese pharmaceutical engineering. In addition, JGC utilizes engineers at international branch offices, as well as a global procurement network, to offer construction plans that meet the client’s wishes at a reasonable cost. JGC also mounts GMP education and training programs both for its own employees and for outside participants, to help meet the need for fostering local operators.

To lead our clients down the path to successful overseas expansion, we apply our project management and engineering abilities all the way through, from feasibility studies to engineering, procurement, construction, and qualification, offering quality Japanese pharmaceutical engineering, anywhere in the world.

International Pharmaceutical Plants and Research Centers Constructed by JGC

Global Procurement – Procurement and Quality Management Offices 

GMP Education and Training Programs

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