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Advanced Temperature Control

Realizing Stable Operations at Batch Plants with Controller Technology

To realize stable operation at batch plants, tank temperature control is vital. To this end, JGC offers two different types of advanced temperature control technology.

High-Precision Temperature Control

JGC offers a high-precision temperature control algorithm for tanks such as cell culture vessels, where the temperature must be carefully regulated at all times. The high-precision temperature control algorithm works like a skilled operator, manipulating valves filled with heating medium (steam) and cooling medium (cold water) in the jacket to control the temperature inside the tank along with the jacket temperature, for example, to achieve the control accuracy of ±0.1℃. Furthermore, when changing temperature set-point, the algorithm allows a smooth shift to the new set-point value without overshoot.

Model Predictive Control

We apply model predictive control as a method for realizing stability in temperature control for chemical reactor tanks, etc. JGC holds a license for a model predictive control package for batch plants called PCR (Predictive Control for Reactors) from Sherpa Engineering (France), and we have experience with applying this package to pharmaceutical plants in Japan. A special characteristic of model predictive control is that it takes dead time compensation into account, applying a “feed-forward + feed-back control function” to realize strict temperature control even under difficult circumstances, such as in cases of disturbance, or cases of requiring a smooth transition along to a change in the temperature set-point by constant gradient.

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